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Fire Retardant Spray 1L

Fire Retardant Spray 1L
Fire Retardant Spray 1L
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  • Packaging: 28 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm
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Product Information

  Protects bamboo, reed, straw, wood, willow
  For indoor and outdoor use
  Minimum 2 years protection
  Consumption: 4-5 m² per liter
  Easy to apply


Bamboo Import Fire Retardant Spray is a safe and user-friendly flame retardant impregnating agent that is suitable for impregnating natural materials such as bamboo, reed, straw, palm leaf and untreated wood. Bamboo Import Fire Retardant Spray is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

After proper impregnation, such materials may meet the EN1187 B roof (T1) standard or may comply with fire class C. Products treated with Bamboo Import Fire Retardant Spray are protected for a number of years (depending on the treated surface).

Our Fire Retardant Spray consists of an aqueous solution of organic and inorganic salts. It is not harmful to the environment and consists of environmentally degradable substances. It also contains no bromine compounds or propellants. It is colourless and odourless.


Material information
Colour Colorless
Product Type Fire retardant
Dimensions and weight
Packaging 1 liter
Weight 1,08 kg
Application method Spraying
Coverage per liter 5 m²
Packaging Bottle
Use Interior & Exterior


  1. Cover area, floor or other types of materials with cloth or foil prior to treatment.
  2. Bamboo Import Fire Retardant Spray is a ready to use product and should not be diluted. For correct treatment, 1 liter of Bamboo Import Fire Retardant Spray is required to treat 4 to 5 m². This depends on the absorbent capacity of the material to be treated.
  3. Treat the surface with Bamboo Import Fire Retardant spray bottle at a distance of +/- 20 to 30 cm.
  4. Bamboo Import Fire Retardant Spray must be distributed evenly over the surface at all times.
  5. When properly applied, the treated material must feel moist, but no puddling may occur.
  6. Once the product feels completely dry it can be used. Remove any wet parts with a cloth or sponge.
  7. Clean the area (floor / wall) with warm water immediately after use and before the product has dried.
  8. When using Bamboo Import Fire Retardant Spray, ensure proper ventilation and wash your hands and touch points after use.


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