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Grey-Go Bamboo Color Renovator 500 ML

Grey-Go Bamboo Color Renovator 500 ML
Grey-Go Bamboo Color Renovator 500 ML
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  • Packaging: 25 cm x 7 cm x 7 cm
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Product Information

  Renovates weathered bamboo
  Restores the naturel yellow color
  Easy to apply
  Works within seconds
  Consumption: 5 m² per 500 ml


Grey-Go is a bamboo color renovator that brings your weathered bamboo products like bamboo poles, bamboo garden fences or bamboo furniture back to its original beauty with one simple treatment.

When using bamboo (or any wood for that matter) for outdoor purposes, it may lose its original color and turn greyish-white over time. The weathering of bamboo is caused by permanent exposure to sun and rain and can reduce the service life and durability of your bamboo fence, structure or furniture.

By applying our Grey-Go bamboo color renovator, it will magically bring your weathered bamboo fence back to life. Grey-Go is a biodegradable product which is easily sprayed on bamboo and rinsed with water.

TIP: To avoid your bamboo products from losing their original warm and natural color, they should be treated and maintained with a special bamboo sealer or oil such as our own Bamboo Booster or Bamboo Protector.

*Grey-Go only works on yellow (natural) bamboo and not on black bamboo.


Material information
Colour Colorless
Product Type Color renovator
UV-Bestendig No
Dimensions and weight
Packaging 500 ml
Weight 630 g
Application method Spraying
Coverage per liter 10 m²
Packaging Bottle
Use Exterior


  1. If your bamboo fence, furniture or structure contains screws, clamps or other metal hardware, they should be covered prior to starting the Grey-Go treatment.
  2. Do not place the bamboo product on top of coloured floor tiles, this may bleach the tiles.
  3. Press and rotate the nozzle until it is positioned on the SPRAY icon.
  4. Spray the weathered surface with Grey-Go. (Avoid bleach spattering on your clothes!)
  5. After 10 minutes, the original bamboo color will magically reappear.
  6. Remove all the released dirt with a brush or a sponge and plenty of water by using a garden hose or watering can. (Do not use a high pressure washer!)
  7. Rotate the nozzle back to its original OFF position.
  8. To protect and maintain your bamboo products from weathering, we recommend applying Bamboo Renovator or Bamboo Shield Oil after the Grey-Go treatment. These special maintenance products can be applied as soon as the bamboo feels dry.


Reviews for Grey-Go Bamboo Color Renovator 500 ML

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Wendy Mazenier 04/04/2017

Sinds twee jaar wonen we in dit huis met een prachtige bamboe schutting en schuur. Helaas heeft de vorige bewoner in 7 jaar weinig aan de schutting gedaan maar wij hebben dankzij de ontgrijzer en protector van Bamboo Import een geweldig resultaat bereikt!

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