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Half Round Bamboo Fence Screen 100 x 200 cm

Half Round Bamboo Fence Screen 100 x 200 cm
Half Round Bamboo Fence Screen 100 x 200 cm
Half Round Bamboo Fence Screen 100 x 200 cm
Half Round Bamboo Fence Screen 100 x 200 cm
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Half Round Bamboo Fence Screen 100 x 200 cm
Half Round Bamboo Fence Screen 100 x 200 cm
Half Round Bamboo Fence Screen 100 x 200 cm
Half Round Bamboo Fence Screen 100 x 200 cm
Half Round Bamboo Fence Screen 100 x 200 cm
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  • Model: BT-GBS-100/200-I
  • Weight: 13.30 kg
  • Packaging: 100 cm x 4 cm x 200 cm

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This product is CO2-negative!
This product is CO2-negative!
With this purchase you compensate part of your annual CO2 emissions. Our bamboo products extract more greenhouse gases from the air than are emitted during production and transport. Buy from Bamboo Import and join our fight against global warming!

Product Information

  Sturdy and made from half round bamboo
  Natural color - untreated
  Easy to instal against an existing fence
  Finished with black palm rope
  Imported directly from Indonesia


This half round bamboo fence screen of 100 cm wide by 200 cm high will add a beautiful and exotic touch to your garden, terrace or patio in no time. The half round bamboo poles in these fencing screens have an average diameter of 6-8 cm and are connected by bamboo slats and black palm rope that run through the entire width of the fence panel.

Half round bamboo screening panels are especially designed to install against an existing wooden fence or wall and are therefore lightweight and cheaper than standard a Giant bamboo fence panels.


Material information
Material Bamboo
Common name Tali
Latijnse naam Gigantochloa apus
Origin Indonesia
Physical characteristics
Color Natural
Diameter stokken 60-80 mm
See through 95%
Dimensions and weight
Width 100 cm
Height 200 cm
Weight 13.3 kg
Assembly Black palm rope
Treatment and durability
Durability 10 years
Finish Unfinished
Treatment Impregnated


Always try to leave a minimal 2 cm space between a bamboo screen and the ground to avoid direct contact with wet soil as this might cause stains over time. You could rest the bamboo screening on a wooden plank while installing the fence.

To install a half round Giant bamboo fence screen against an existing wall or wooden fence, drill small 4 mm holes through the bamboo slats with a 4 mm drill bit. Do this every other bamboo pole in horizontal direction and fasten the bamboo screen with 4 x 40 mm screws. Repeat this toward the top, middle and bottom of the screen for maximum stability. Do not use excessive force when tightening the screws to avoid damaging the bamboo poles.

Adjusting the size

  • A big advantage of bamboo is that it is easy to work with. You can simply adjust the width of a bamboo fence screen by cutting the horizontal bamboo slats. Make sure to untie the black palm rope before cutting the bamboo slats in order to fasten the half round poles afterwards.
  • To adjust the height of the fence you can trim the bottom and/or top of the bamboo poles with a fine teeth saw blade. For a perfect result you may also want to wrap strong tape around the half round bamboo poles before cutting them to size in order to avoid frayed cut-offs.


Bamboo used in outdoor conditions will weather over time. We advice to treat bamboo fencing on an annual basis with Bamboo Booster, a specially developed natural oil that increases the durability and preserves the natural yellow or black color of bamboo.


  • Each half round bamboo pole is unique, therefore color differences in a fence panel are possible.
  • The diameter of each half round pole in a bamboo fence screen may slightly vary.


Reviews for Half Round Bamboo Fence Screen 100 x 200 cm

5 Stars 2 Reviews


Olena Klein 16/06/2019

Tropische vakantie gevoel in onze patio

Tropische vakantie gevoel in onze patio! Wij hebben het scherm in twee gezaagd want we hadden maar 1 m hoog nodig.

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Peter van den Bos 17/08/2018

Schutting renovatie

We hebben van een moestuin met grijze schutting door de bamboo panelen een hele andere sfeer gekregen !!! We zijn er heel blij mee!!!

Helpful (1) Not helpful (0)

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