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Half Round Black Bamboo Pole Java Ø 9-10 x 200 cm

Half Round Black Bamboo Pole Java Ø 9-10 x 200 cm
Half Round Black Bamboo Pole Java Ø 9-10 x 200 cm
Half Round Black Bamboo Pole Java Ø 9-10 x 200 cm
Half Round Black Bamboo Pole Java Ø 9-10 x 200 cm
Half Round Black Bamboo Pole Java Ø 9-10 x 200 cm
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  • Model: GBSZ-9/10-200-I
  • Weight: 1.80 kg
  • Packaging: 200 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm

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  For covering wooden fence posts, walls or ceilings
  Natural color - untreated
  Imported directly from Indonesia


This 200 cm long half round black bamboo pole is made from Indonesian Java Black bamboo and has an average width of 9-10 cm. Half round black bamboo is often used for wall cladding, ceiling covers, but also for making fruit bowls, roofs or rainwater gutters.

Half round bamboo poles are also very popular for covering wooden fence posts. Wooden post are used for installing Giant black bamboo fence panels and can de "hidden" by covering the wooden post with half round bamboo. As a result you'll create the illusion of one long uniform black bamboo fence.


Material information
Material Bamboo
Common name Java Black
Latijnse naam Gigantochloa atroviolacea
Origin Indonesia
Physical characteristics
Color Dark brown
Surface Matt
Dimensions and weight
Length 200 cm
Width 90-100 mm
Weight ± 1,8 kg
Treatment and durability
Finish Unfinished


Bamboo used in outdoor conditions will weather over time. That's why we developed Bamboo Protector, a special UV-resistant transparent sealer that preserves the natural color of bamboo.


  • Each half round bamboo pole is unique, therefore color variations are possible.
  • Bamboo poles are never 100% straight and its diameters may vary slightly.
  • If you plan on using screws for installing half round bamboo poles to a surface, please remember to pre-drill small holes prior to fixing them to a wall or ceiling. Do not use excessive force when tightening the screws to avoid the bamboo from splitting.


Reviews for Half Round Black Bamboo Pole Java Ø 9-10 x 200 cm

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Albert Dijkstra 31/07/2019

Verwarmingsbuizen weggewerkt

Prachtige halve bamboe stokken waarmee ik de verwarmingsbuizen op mijn zoon zijn kamer heb weggewerkt. Ook bloempotjes gemaakt van het overige bamboe hout.

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Eimert Visser 22/07/2019

Bamboe creatie

Onze creatief met bamboe.

Helpful (0) Not helpful (0)

Ron Grootenboer 19/05/2019

Losse halve palen gemonteerd tegen hek

Losse halve palen gebruikten gemonteerd tegen het hek aangezien we het hek over meerdere tuinen niet konden vervangen. Mooie oplossing.

Helpful (0) Not helpful (0)

Ferry Koreman 22/03/2019

Omlijsting verticale tuin

Verticale tuin 2x1m prachtig omlijst met zwarte bamboe.

Helpful (0) Not helpful (0)

Ans Dousi 04/05/2017

Bamboe water systeem

We hebben 2 halve bamboestokken bij onze vijver geplaatst zodat het schone water uit de pomp nu aan de andere kant de vijver weer instroomt. Dankzij jullie bamboe ziet het er heel natuurlijk uit!

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