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Heather Fence Roll 500 x 150 cm

Heather Fence Roll 500 x 150 cm
Heather Fence Roll 500 x 150 cm
Heather Fence Roll 500 x 150 cm
Heather Fence Roll 500 x 150 cm
Heather Fence Roll 500 x 150 cm
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  • Model: HM-500/150-C
  • Packaging: 150 cm x 25 cm x 15 cm

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Product Information

  Eco-friendly, natural and sustainable
  Branches tied together with galvanized wire
  Easy to shorten both in height and in width
  Easy to install and maintain
  Ideal for growing climbing plants


This heather fence roll of 500 cm wide by 150 cm high is made of young heath and about 15 mm thick. The branches are tied together with thin galvanized iron wire whose spacing distance is about 10 cm.

Heath fencing is environmentally friendly, decorative and ideal as garden screening or to create more privacy in your garden. The natural structure of a heather fence allows for ivy and other climbers to grow pretty dense. Once fully covered the screen has sound absorbing properties.

Heather fencing rolls are packed in carrying bags with handles and can easily be installed against mesh panels or an old fence.


Material information
Material Heather
Origin China
Physical characteristics
Color Dark brown
See through 60%
Dimensions and weight
Thickness 15 mm
Width 500 cm
Height 150 cm
Weight 7,5 kg
Assembly Galvanized steel wire
Treatment and durability
Durability 5 years


We recommend installing heather fence rolls at least 5 cm from the ground to maximize the durability of the fence. You could rest the fencing roll on a wooden plank while installing the fence.

  • Installing a 500 x 200 cm heather fence roll against an existing wall or fence is very simple with our special 3.5 x 25 mm fastening screws. Place the screws between the branches and fasten the screws so that the washer pushes the branches firmly against the wall.
  • Installing heather fencing against a mesh panel or chain link fence is easiest with tie wraps or wire ties. Bend the wire ties around the galvanized wire that runs through the heather fence roll and strap them to the metal fence. To reduce see-through you can double fold the heather screen or attach it to either side of the wire mesh construction.

Adjusting the size

  • To adjust the width of a heather fence just cut the galvanized iron wires at the desired width with pliers.
  • To adjust the height of the heather fence you can cut it at the desired height with pruning shears.


  • Heather is a natural product and can therefore somewhat vary is size from the specified dimension. This also applies for its density.
  • For outdoor use, the average life of heather screening is about 5-8 years.


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