A mosquito net can transform your bedroom into an oasis of tranquility. Give your bedroom a natural look and bring in cozy, Asian influences with a mosquito net holder made of bamboo. It doesn’t only look amazing, you also dont have to worry about mosquitos anymore. Did you know how easy it is to make one of those frames yourself? We tell you how!


You will need four bamboopoles for making the bamboo frame. It is best to use the Moso ø3-4 300cm fort his. You could switch this out for the Nigra ø3-4 300cm. They are naturally shiny and strong enough to build something with.  


Almost ready?

Before building it is good to lay out the materials. This is what you’ll need: 

·      Four bamboo poles of 300cm

·      Manilla rope 25 meter

·      Japanese saw

·      Four hooks. 

·      Decorations, a mosquito net or other things you’d want to hang onto the frame. 


Making the bamboo frame in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Preparing the poles 

When making the frame it is important to ensure that your poles are about twenty centimeters longer than your mosquito net. This will get you two sets of two poles. The first set will be as long as the width plus 20 cm, the second set will be as long as the length plus 20 cm.


Take the two longer poles and cut out a circular hole in all four ends. These will have to be 10 centimeters from the end of the pole. It is important to ensure they are big enough so the shorter two poles will fit in there.


Step 2: Assembling the poles 

Put down the two long poles on a smooth surface with the hole facing upwards. Now lay the shorter poles onto the holes so they fall in. You have now created a square frame. Use the manilla rope to tie all the ropes firmly together.


Step 3: Hanging the mosquito net 

Now you’ve made a frame. But….. We are not there yet. It is time to hang the bamboo frame to the ceiling. For this you have to hang the hooks to the ceiling. If you have a plasterboard ceiling it is important to use roof anchors. Tie the ends of every corner of manilla rope to each hook.


Lift the frame and tie the rope onto the frame. It is important to tie the rope onto and around the longer poles. Make sure the frame is levelled and all ropes are of equal length. Eventually the frame should hang about 190cm off the ground.


Step 4:  

Hang your mosquito net onto the frame and tie all the ends. Make sure the opening of the mosquito net is on the side of the bed. If you don’t need the mosquito net you could also hang the net over the poles to save space. 


Bamboo in the bedroom

With this bamboo frame you can give your bedroom a rustic, romantic and natural look. If you want to complete the look, you can think about adding plants and using different materials and decorations to also hang off the frame. That’s how you can make your bedroom your own oasis. Do you enjoy bamboo in the bedroom? We also have tutorials on how to make a bamboo bed!

Photos by @ChantalStolp