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Ibiza Style Garden and Terrace Ideas

With an Ibiza style garden or terrace you get that holiday feeling at home all year round. On this page you can gain inspiration and ideas to create an Ibiza or Bohemian style yourself. The Ibiza and Bohemian style are very related. In both styles, much use is made of old wood, bamboo and reeds. Dried palm leaves for finishing a canopy or roof are also essential.

These natural materials are often combined with a white base and occasionally a blue accent. The classic Ibiza style therefore has a sleek, modern and chic look. If you opt for the warmer bohemian hippie style, you can use brighter colours in combination with many Mediterranean plants such as palm trees, cactus and olive trees.

A lounge sofa with lots of cushions, water carafes, a colourful rug, small lights, candles and a hammock are all typical accessories for the Ibiza style.