Bamboo is exceptionally suitable to use in your interior decorating. Our customers have shown be to very creative with bamboo poles, but we also sell ready to go roomdividers. We have roomdividers made of bamboopoles, but also made from bamboo rings or sawed through poles. Bring natural elements into your house by using bamboo in your interior. That is how you'll create that natural living feeling, however you combine it. Wether you want to go for a more ibiza style or more industrial. Anything is possible with these versatile roomdividers. Either for your business or your home. In these pictures you'll see how you can use it as a roomdivider, but also other ways of implementing it into your interior.  

Uses of bamboo poles in interior. 

The roomdivider on black footing in a beautysalon.

Our partition screen Olympia as backing of a display.

Partition screen Ricardo as horizontal roomdivider in a restaurant. 

The black roomdivider used as part of an exhibition stand on Masters of LXRY

Partition screen Olympia as front for the bar in a café.

Our roomdivider on white footing as partition screen. 

The Ricardo partition screen as divider in this study. (photo by Jeffrey Verhoeven Fotografie)