You can bring more peace to your interior by using natural elements. It is common to see wooden decoration branches and sticks, but bamboo is also an option. If you like to bring nature into your home, you can use our decorative branch. We sell a decorative pole of java bamboo. It has a slight curve and is tapered. The nodes are sanded smooth, so it's perfect for decoration purposes. There are many ways to use this decoration stick. Get inspired in this blog and take a look at the Pinterest board. This has been put together especially for this blog!


1. Decoration branch for photos

So there are many ways to bring more natural elements into your home. This can be done very easily by simply cutting the Java decoration stick in half and using it as a base to hang photos on. Drill a hole in the ends and thread a string through it. You can do this with our black palm rope that beautifully accentuates the dark brown Java. Then you tie a string every 10 cm with a length of about 50 centimetres. You just leave this hanging. Then attach photos to this with a clip. If you go a step further, you can attach the other half of the stick at the bottom.


2. Lighting bar

You have probably already seen it on our socials: the bamboo poles with hanging lamps. This is an easy and stylish way of lighting. You see them a lot with the hanging pears, but with Christmas in mind, it is also very nice to wrap it with a string of fairy lights. On Pinterest we also saw people who had hung candleholders on them. Let your creativity shine with this beautiful (dining table) lighting.


3. Bamboo Coat Rack

The decoration branch is also perfect for: a coat rack! An impressive place to display your favourite clothes. With this bamboo stick you will not run into the hangers getting stuck on the nodes because the decoration branch is completely smooth. However, there is a slight curve at the end, so we do recommend cutting it slightly shorter. You can hang it from the ceiling with a string. You can also give the decoration branch all screw hooks. Then you can maintain the curve and your decoration branch really has a natural look.


4. Bamboo Floor Lamp

Okay, this DIY is a bit more difficult and more for the advanced handymen (or women) among us. You may have seen those hanging floor lamps. With the slight bend, the Java decorating stick would be perfect for making this one. It is important that you pierce the nodes. You can then easily run a cord through the bamboo. At the bottom you attach the bamboo to a foot plate. You can mount a separate lampshade at the top and you're done!


5. Decoration branches in pot

It is certainly not uncommon to put some decorative branches in a decorative pot in your living room, for example. This can include green elements, or just the sticks themselves. It gives colour and beautiful natural influences to the room.


6. Room separation with decoration branch

If you want to take number 5 one step further, you can choose to make a room divider. By filling an elongated container with stones, you can use the java bamboo upright and thus have a beautiful, natural room partition.


7. Decoration branch as pendant

If you hang the decoration branch vertically, you can hang beautiful decorations on it. For example, you can hang dried flowers, feathers or plants on it. You don't have to worry about whether the stick is too thin for the weight. After all, bamboo is one of the strongest building materials in the world.


8. Bamboo as a climbing stick

For those who have a vegetable garden, it is probably a well-known problem: finding sturdy sticks for your climbing plants. Now it is often done with tonkin bamboo, but our java decoration stick is also extremely suitable for it. You can easily make a trellis pyramid for your bamboo plants. This is not only good for the environment, but also beautiful to the eyes!


If you are looking for more inspiration or photos as an example: take a look at our Pinterest! Hopefully you are inspired by these fun and easy DIYs and you will soon have a beautiful Java bamboo stick in your interior!