We have reached September and it is undeniable: the ending of 2021 is slowly coming in sight. Autumn won’t wait much longer. But what is happening on terms of interior design? After a year and a half COVID-19 we have gotten trends like Fresh Start which shows we yearn for simplicity and functionality. More about interior trends for 2021/2022 in this blog.


One of the biggest trends that has become a standard: sustainability and natural elements. We like warm and cozy with a hint of modern. The natural elements are established through plants. But we mustn’t forget natural fabrics and things like rattan. Of course, bamboo is also becoming more and more acceptable in interiors. In both room dividers and most importantly wall cladding. You can even create your own Urban Jungle with bamboo poles as a planter with lots of plants. What used to be solely outside, is now allowed in and vice versa.


Lovers of Scandinavian living can find their place in the new hybrid trend named “Japandi”. This combines modern flair of Scandinavian design and timeless elegance of Japanese aesthetics to create the best of both worlds. In this trend there is less space for raw materials, but everything has a sleek finish. There is attention for sustainability, so bamboo plywood also gets a spot. For the creatives between us: we offer a service where we CNC cut our bamboo plywood to help you make your dream furniture.   


One of the biggest trends that has come from COVID-19 is called “Fresh Start”. In Fresh Start we give attention to detail and functionality. The colors are light and natural which gives every room a fresh look. Because we now have workspaces at home there is more demand for functionality than ever before. We want multifunctional spaces. This brings more attention to room dividers. Circular Economy is gaining traction and recycling has never been this important. This results in ingenuity for reusing and repurposing furniture. Our sustainable bamboo products fit right in this circular mindset.  

Here you see a bamboo table made of plywood with bamboo wall cladding and natural lampshades. This ties the whole room together. 

It is easy to attach a bamboo fence roll to your wall: you can just screw it in! 

Half a wall with bamboo cladding and the other corner uses a room divider to give this space a calming atmosphere. 

This modern bathroom uses a bamboo roller blind to give natural elements to the room whilst also providing privacy.


On the left we can spot a rattan chair and we lots of whites in this room. The natural elements on the windowsill give this room the true eyecatcher it needs. The window is framed with bamboo roller blinds.


When we are all working from home, we bring attention to our home office. This one shows the natural elements in the cow chair and big plant. It combines this with exposed bricks, and the bamboo blinds make it all tie in together.

This home office is part of a bigger space. You can truly see Fresh Start shine in this room: the white walls, corkboard, bamboo plywood desk and the room dividers. Which by the way also partake in circular economy, so bonus! Functionality and sustainability are prominent.

Natural and botanical elements? There is no better way to show it than through bamboo planters! Here it is hung by some leather, but you could also go for natural manilla rope.


The simplicity and calming colors show the elegance of Japandi. These stairs are finished with bamboo plywood which shows the attention to detail and sustainable choices.

You could easily make modern, sustainable solutions for your home. Here we see our bamboo plywood with steel legs. All you must do is get the plywood cut by us and assemble the legs.

If you are brave (and skilled) enough to take it a step further: you could even, make your own bamboo closet! Again, the attention for detail and design makes this an essential in interior trends!