We often showcase pictures of bamboo planters made by customers. When people see those, they think it’s a complicated thing to made but do not worry! It is fairly easy to make your own bamboo planter. In this blog we will teach you how.



-       Bamboo that has two nodes

-       Electrical drill + bamboo drill 10mm

-       Manillarope 6mm – 25 meters

-       Bamboo booster oil + maintenance wipes

-       Japanese saw

-       Sanding paper

-       Hammer + chisel (or flat screwdriver)


We have our own DIY kit if you want to make your own planter. The kit includes 2x bamboo, enough rope, Japanese saw and 10mm drill. If you already have some bamboo it is important to keep in mind that the diameter of the pole determines the depth of the planter. You will need enough space for the roots.


Step 1. Determine the size

At this step it is important to determine what you want to make. On this video we made variants with one or two planters, but you could also make one of three. Keep in mind that you need space for hanging the rope when sawing off the ends. Calculate about 10 centimeters at each end. 


Step 2. Sawing the sides

Take a few centimeters on the inside of the node and saw halfway down the pole. Measure this out and repeat for the other side. This was you will end up with two slits on either side.


Step 3. Separating the top

Put the chisel on the bamboo at an angle on the corner of one of your slits. Hammer your chisel into the bamboo. Bamboo will always split in length. This means that you don’t need a lot of strength to split it all the way to the other slit. Repeat this on the other side. You can now easily take out the top of the planter. Tip: You can use this half bamboo to make a bamboo wind chime. Read how to in this blog.


Step 4. Shaving the sides

After splitting the bamboo you’re left with messy sides. If you have a sharp chisel you can use that to shave the sides. You could also use your saw to even everything out.


Step 5. Drilling the holes

Now it is time to drill holes with the bamboo drill 10mm on both sides. You can choose to drill one hole on each side if you want to tie it straight up. It is also a possibility to drill two holes on each side, this gives you the opportunity to make two loops. Reminder: don’t but the rope in just yet!


Tip: It is important to drill holes in the bottom if you’re planning on hanging this planter outside. This is because the rainwater can be an overkill for your plants. I


Step 6. Sanding, sanding, sanding!

Despite having shaved the sides, it is still important to do some sanding. The freshly shaved holes can be sanded too. This is important to ensure that you won’t get any bamboo splinters.


Step 7. Treating the bamboo

The bamboo has had a lot done and to protect the newly exposed bits it is good to give it some treatment. To give it that enriched look we recommend using Bamboo Booster oil. Use a maintenance wipe to apply. Wait for about an hour for the oil to soak up before continuing.


Step 8. Roping it up.

It is finally time to start putting on the rope. Manilla rope tends to fray a little at the ends so it’s important to make a clean cut and immediately get it through the hole. Pull it through the hole so that you have enough rope to tie a simple knot. We demonstrated three different ways of hanging them for our planters. On our video on IGTV you can see best how we did it. The first one was made with one long rope on a loop tied to both ends. The second one has two loops on either side. The last one has two separate ropes from which it hangs. In the end it doesn’t matter which way you pick, whichever you find best.  

Step 9. Planting!

Now it is finally time to do the planting. If you are planning to hang it indoors it might be an idea to put in things like basil, thyme or mint. For our planters we chose these cute purple flowers. It is important to add plastic on the inside to prevent leakage. Don’t worry, once you have added the flowers it won’t be visible.


All there is left to do is hanging it wherever you want! Did you make this planter? How did you do? Let us know on our social media!