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Bamboo Import 26 May 2021 0 1813
Bamboo is exceptionally suitable to use in your interior decorating. Our customers have shown be to very creative with bamboo poles, but we also sell ready to go roomdividers. We have roomdividers mad..
Lara 12 May 2021 0 2594
A windchime brings calmness to your terrace or balcony. Traditionally they were used to scare off angry spirits, nowadays its mostly used for decoration. In Asia it is believed the sound of a wind c..
Lara 28 Apr 2021 0 3064
This week’s blog is all about the amazing headboard made by LaVieLaLinda. With this headboard you can really transform your bedroom into a rustic, romantic, natural space. Style it with some plants ..
Lara 21 Apr 2021 0 1616
There is a wide variety of choices when you are looking for new fencing for your garden. It might overwhelm you and make it harder to make a choice. That is why we have put all the pro’s and cons of a..
Lara 24 Mar 2021 0 3154
Spring is in the air and we all want to enjoy the sun. This often comes with the idea of redecorating your garden or balcony. It is clear that people value privacy in their own space when we look at t..
Stephane 30 Dec 2020 0 2475
It is almost January and so the new housing trends for 2021 are springing up like mushrooms. A material that has made a huge appearance in recent years and fits well within the trends of 2021 is bambo..
Bamboo Import 06 Dec 2020 0 2436
Are you thinking about making a bamboo canopy? We are presenting some fun ideas for your inspiration. All bamboo materials are available in our webshop. Smart usage of our bamboo pergola as protection..
Stephane 05 Oct 2019 0 16422
Do you like natural materials such as wood or natural stone? With a bamboo bathroom you really create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Whether you completely renovate your bathroom or only make a few ..
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