Manual Graden Screens with wooden mounting kit.

1. Make sure where to place the posts by using the crossbars from the mounting kit. Make sure to leave a little space.

2. Place the posts 180 cm from each other.

3. Now you can place the crossbar, which you can find in the mounting kit. Cover the posts. Screw the planks securely with the included 4 x 60 screws. Use on each side.

4. You can prepare the screens for mounting. Use the planks you also used to measure the space between the posts and place it on the bamboo screen. Make sure the planks are assembled neatly. Secure the plank with the 4 x 40 screw. Use 5 screws per plank.

5. Before you can mount the screen, you'll have to assemble the corner lines to the top of the standing posts. Place it approximately 2 cm below the top.

6. Now you can place the screens. You place the screen between the poles, firmly push it and secure it. To make the screen stronger, you can mount the crossbar to the top. For this you use a total of 10 screws 4 x40. make sure that you have 5 screws assembled facing downwards on each side of the screen. For the rest you can use the corner lines.

Tip! Stain your wooden mounting set in a nice color if desired.

This mounting kit can also be used on other screens as long as they are no wider than 180 cm. Cut off a piece of the poles to acquire the right length.