kitchen inspiration - modern kitchen bamboo

Are you going to renovate or replace a kitchen, and do you find sustainability important in addition to style and convenience? Then consider a bamboo kitchen. We are happy to give you kitchen inspiration, because with bamboo you can realize dream kitchens!

Bamboo is a super strong material that grows very fast. Bamboo stems grow - depending on the species - on average 5 to 100 cm per day. Bamboo is ready for harvesting after about 5 years; it is harder than oak and some types of tropical hardwood, which have to grow for at least 100 years. From the existing roots of the "bamboo tree" new shoots will naturally grow. It is not without reason that this versatile raw material is on the rise in various (sustainable) applications. From super soft T-shirts, durable toilet paper, plastic-free cotton buds and toothbrushes to strong boards and posts for the construction industry... And for modern kitchens.

From plant to kitchen

Straight strips are sawn from the (round) bamboo stems, which - after processing - are glued horizontally or vertically in various layers. The more layers, the firmer and more stable the panel becomes. These different layers also ensure a unique appearance of the boards or panels, both on the front side and on the edges.

kitchen inspiration - modern kitchen bamboo

Kitchen ideas: bamboo is easy to match

From the fronts of the kitchen cabinets to the counter top: with bamboo, a kitchen gets an elegant, natural look. Do you go all the way in the design by making all the kitchen furniture from bamboo? Or do you take a more subtle approach by applying refined bamboo details in the design of a modern kitchen? Bamboo is everyone's friend. For example, combine the brown natural color of the bamboo with timeless white, stylish black, sleek stainless steel, sturdy stones or trendy trend colors and pastel shades.

kitchen inspiration - modern kitchen bamboo

A sustainable kitchen with bamboo

For the real kitchen prince or princess, the ease of use of a new kitchen is of course important. The use of bamboo is ideal in modern kitchens; the material is super strong and easy to clean. A bamboo kitchen is therefore easy to maintain and remains beautiful for years. Making a sustainable kitchen for yourself or a customer? Combine bamboo kitchen furniture with energy-efficient equipment (with a minimum energy label A +).

kitchen inspiration - modern kitchen bamboo

Bamboo in the kitchen:

  • Gives the room a warm, natural look;
  • Can take a beating: the material is stronger than most types of wood;
  • Is more environmentally friendly than plastics;
  • Requires little maintenance;
  • Combines well with other materials, for an endless source of kitchen inspiration.

Shape your own idea

Do you have a unique idea or design for your bamboo dream kitchen, and do you want to get started yourself? Or do you build custom kitchens for your clients? We are happy to help you realize your projects. For example, we also saw custom bamboo panels. We have the perfect tools for this so you don't have to worry about it yourself. We supply all our bamboo interior panels untreated, so that you can finish or treat them to your taste. With our specially developed Bamboo Topcoat you create a natural look, protection and finish. Prefer a darker look? Then you can also oil bamboo.

kitchen inspiration - modern kitchen bamboo

Bamboo in the kitchen

Do you want to renovate a kitchen or dining room or give it a small "facelift"? Then the bamboo panels from Bamboo Import are multi-usable. For example, how about beautiful bamboo shelves for cookbooks or kitchen accessories? A sleek new top for the dining table? A trendy update for a bar or kitchen island? Even a modern window sill or bamboo frames are possible. For more kitchen inspiration, also take a look around trendy interior design stores; there you will find plenty of bamboo accessories, such as storage jars with bamboo lids, bamboo trays, serving trays and bamboo cutting boards for the ultimate finishing touch.

kitchen inspiration - modern kitchen bamboo

You see: plenty of kitchen ideas. With bamboo you - as a private individual or kitchen builder - can go in any direction for a nice, exclusive and affordable result.

Bamboo plywood from Bamboo Import

If you buy bamboo plywood from Bamboo Import, you can count on the highest quality material. We work for kitchens with the giant Moso bamboo species from China. The bamboo panels are not only very strong, they also look great. Each panels has a unique drawing, which gives a beautiful modern look. Because we purchase directly from the source and work together with reliable partners, you can always count on the best price and quality.

kitchen inspiration - modern kitchen bamboo