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Koi Ponds

The Koi is a well-known Japanese pond fish (breeding variant of the common carp) with beautiful color patterns. It is therefore not surprising that it is popular to have a koi pond in the garden. Complete your garden in the Eastern ambiance with beautiful, natural materials such as bamboo.

The Japanese Koi carp needs certain conditions for an optimal living environment. For example, it is best not to place plants in the pond, and the pond may not be in full sun or full shade. It is of course nice and useful to use plants and bamboo around the pond to give it a real Japanese atmosphere. In addition, with screens you can ensure half sun, half shade. Use for example bamboo screens, a bamboo pergola or reed fencing.

Bamboo also combines very well with other natural materials. Use various (Eastern) plants and different types of stone and wood for the edges and walls, planters or soil around the pond. This way you can make the complete surround of the koi pond from bamboo and combine this with a bamboo deck or stone wall.