These semi-permanent bamboo tents are especially designed for luxurious tourist locations like resorts, hotels and exclusive nature reserves. The combination of bamboo with canvas offers a fantastic solution for alternative accommodations anywhere in the world.

Bamboo Canopy Tent Model

Model of the bamboo canopy tent​

Bamboo tents have a low impact on the environment and are placed on platforms to minimize contact with nature underneath the tents. The design of the bamboo canopy tent structure is adaptable and easy to customize so that it can fit any environment, from remote beaches to deep in the jungle, floating on water or high above the ground on a platform.

The idea behind the luxury bamboo tents is to offer the ultimate eco-friendly dream vacation for tourists around the world while generating income for nature reserves so that they can finance the maintenance and possible expansion of protected areas.

Selecting Guadua Bamboo Poles

Picking out the Guadua bamboo poles in our warehouse

Mocadazu is the design firm responsible for these innovative bamboo tent frames. Dutch architect Bouwe Besseling and industrial designer Anna Raetsen launched the company in 2013, with the goal to create a brand that offers the highest quality bamboo tents and design services.

In their search for the best possible bamboo materials, Mocadazu found in Bamboo Import Europe the perfect partner for supplying these construction grade bamboo poles. We are proud to be a part of this exciting project and gladly help in promoting all further developments of these beautiful bamboo tents.

Bamboo Tent Construction

Construction of the bamboo canopy tent

Apart from South American Guadua bamboo tent poles, special waterproof fabric from Serge Ferrari is used for the roofing and walls of the bamboo canopy tents. This fabric is one of the best qualities available on the market and has a very long lifetime. It is a polyester yarn that is pre-stretched in two directions and then coated with a PVC layer.

The fabric is 100% recyclable because of the Texyloop system. All offcuts and end-of-life fabrics are collected by the company. The yarn is then separated from the coating, and the materials are reused in new fabrics.

Check out the video of the bamboo glamping tent construction!​

Luxury Bamboo Canopy Tent Structure

Luxury Bamboo Canopy Tent Structure

Luxury Bamboo Canopy Tent Structure

Luxury Bamboo Canopy Tent Structure


Luxury Bamboo Tents - Models and Designs

Bamboo Beach TentBamboo Event Tent

These luxury bamboo gazebos and event tents allow guests to enjoy the beauty of nature while being protected from sun or rain. Different designs can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as outdoor dining areas, beach tents, yoga spaces, hammock shades or lounge areas. Custom designs that perfectly meets your requirements are also possible.

Bamboo Safari TentBamboo Safari Tent

The luxury bamboo safari tents provide a beautiful get-away for couples or families up to 6 people and can be furnished to meet all requirements needed for a luxurious camping holiday. The front and sides of the tents can be completely opened, providing guests with stunning panoramic views of the beautiful surroundings.

The bamboo tents are available in different sizes and several layouts and can be extended to the side with an extra awning. This extra outside space can be used as an open-air kitchen or for a shaded outside dining or living area with lounge sofa and dining table.

A 6 person tent can be furnished with a bathroom, a master bedroom with double bed and a separate bedroom with two single or bunk beds.

Bamboo Outdoor CanopyBamboo Outdoor Canopy

Large bamboo canopy tents are typically used as outdoor restaurants or bars, but can also provide space for conferences or receptions.

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