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Manila Rope 6 mm x 200 m

Manila Rope 6 mm x 200 m
Manila Rope 6 mm x 200 m
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  • Model: TW-MB-6/220
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Product Information

  For lashing and joining bamboo poles
  Natural product made from banana fibers
  High tensile breaking strength of 245 kg
  Very good UV resistance


Our Manila rope of 6 mm diameter and 200 m length is ideal for securing or finishing large diameter bamboo poles and bamboo joints. Manila rope is composed from the natural fibers of the banana plant and has a beige appearance which looks great in combination with bamboo.

Manila rope can also be used to hide screws or bolts that were used for joining bamboo poles together. Simple lash the rope over the hardware to get a very strong result with a prefect finish.

This 3 strand manila rope is processed with oil which gives it a slightly smoother texture. The rope is of Grade 1 quality which means that it has a high tensile breaking strength of 245 kg.


Material information
UV-Bestendig Yes
Physical characteristics
Color Beige
Dimensions and weight
Diameter 6 mm
Length 200 m
Weight 3 kg
Technical properties
Breekkracht 245 kg


  • Manila rope is a natural product and degradable.
  • Slightly greased for longer life.
  • Fire-resistant, so ideal for indoor use.
  • Feels rough.
  • Very good UV resistance.


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