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Palm Thatch Roof Panel 70 x 150 cm

Palm Thatch Roof Panel 70 x 150 cm
Palm Thatch Roof Panel 70 x 150 cm
Palm Thatch Roof Panel 70 x 150 cm
Palm Thatch Roof Panel 70 x 150 cm
Palm Thatch Roof Panel 70 x 150 cm
Palm Thatch Roof Panel 70 x 150 cm
Palm Thatch Roof Panel 70 x 150 cm
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  • Model: SD-150
  • Packaging: 150 cm x 50 cm x 2 cm

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  Experience the tropics in your own backyard
  Finished with bamboo slats for extra strength
  Easy to trim and resize
  Easy to install
  Directly imported from Indonesia


Add some tropical charm to your garden with our easy to install 70 x 150 cm thatched roof panels. Thatched roofing is made from palm leaves which is a highly renewable resource and contains great natural insulation properties.

Palm thatch is often used as a roofing solution for bamboo tiki bars, pergolas, outdoor umbrellas, garden structures, palapas or tropical huts. Thatch panels are easily secured to surfaces or supports by stapling and overlapping the panels.


Material information
Material Dried palm leaves
Origin Indonesia
Physical characteristics
Color Natural
Dimensions and weight
Length 150 cm
Width 70 cm
Weight 1 kg
Treatment and durability
Durability 5 years


  1. Secure the bamboo slats that are woven into the palm thatched roof panels with screws, tie wraps or wire ties against flat surfaces or supports.
  2. Position the palm thatch panels every 10 to 20 cm. The closer they overlap the better they protect against the outdoor elements (sun, rain, wind).
  3. Customize the width of the thatch roofing by cutting the bamboo slats. Palm leaves can also be trimmed with scissors if desired.
  4. When using palm thatch indoors, we advise treatment with a fire retardant spray.


  • The length of the palm leaves in each thatch panel is approximately 70 cm.
  • No chemicals are used in the production process of our palm thatch. Palm leaves are simply boiled in water and dried in the sun after which they are made into strips and woven against two bamboo slats.
  • Palm leaf thatch has a natural durability of approximately 3-5 years depending on the climate but can last up to 7 years or more in dryer climates.


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