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20 Oct Bamboo Theatre for Opera Performances in Noordwijk
Stéphane Schröder 0 3650
This mobile bamboo theatre was designed in 2017 by Studio Akkerhuis for the opera performance "Gestrand Verlangen" in Holland. The Kunstklank group has been organizing events for 18 years in which pro..
12 Dec Bamboo Finish Line Arch for Subaru Beach Battle
Stéphane Schröder 0 4060
This year we've built a unique bamboo start finish line arch for the 3rd edition of the Subaru Beach Battle in Wijk aan Zee, the Netherlands. The bamboo archway which can also be used as an entrance a..
10 Dec Impressive Bamboo Exhibition Stand Eyecatcher at Masters of LXRY
Stéphane Schröder 0 6313
For the fifteenth edition of Masters of LXRY at the Amsterdam RAI, formerly known as the Millionaire Fair, Bamboo Import Europe had the opportunity to build a unique black bamboo exhibition stand. The..
24 Oct Bamboo Scaffolding for Dutch Design Week 2016
Stéphane Schröder 0 6444
Design bureau HeyHeydeHaas has built a number of impressive bamboo scaffolds for the 15th edition of Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. About 2,500 of our Chinese bamboo poles were used to build the ba..
15 Aug Unique Bamboo Stage for Loveland Festival
Stéphane Schröder 0 5242
For the 2016 edition of Loveland Festival in Amsterdam, designers and event organizers built this unique bamboo stage. We saw the first renderings back in April but the final results still exceeded ..
20 Jun Luxury Bamboo Tents - Canopy Tent Structures
Stéphane Schröder 0 36573
These semi-permanent bamboo tents are especially designed for luxurious tourist locations like resorts, hotels and exclusive nature reserves. The combination of bamboo with canvas offers a fantastic s..
22 Dec Bamboo Cladding for Parking Garage in Amsterdam
Stéphane Schröder 0 9210
Unique car park with bamboo cladding at the Medical Center and Blood Bank in Amsterdam. The impressive bamboo car park at the Slotervaart Medical Center in Amsterdam is the second of its kind but t..
15 Sep Bamboo Cladding for Parking Garage in The Hague
Stéphane Schröder 0 9291
The very first bamboo parking garage of the Netherlands is located in The Hague. Earlier this year, Bamboo Import was contracted to supply all bamboo cladding for a parking garage project in The Ha..
08 Sep Bamboo Pergola for Tennis Club Uitgeest
Stéphane Schröder 0 6535
Bamboo Import designed and implemented a trendy bamboo lounge area for a tennis club in Uitgeest, the Netherlands. The sturdy bamboo pergola, which was custom made from Guadua bamboo poles, has beco..
22 Feb Bamboo Storefronts for Anna van Toor
Stéphane Schröder 0 4982
Black bamboo room dividers in the Anna van Toor storefronts. The famous Dutch women's clothing retailer Anna van Toor has chosen to incorporate bamboo for their most recent storefronts. Bamboo Impo..
08 Jun Bamboo Ceiling at the Meander Medical Centre in Amersfoort
Stéphane Schröder 0 3481
1000 m² Bamboo Ceiling in the new Medical Center in Amersfoort. The new Medical Center in Amersfoort, which opened in December 2013, has paid a lot of attention to sustainable construction. Bamboo Im..
13 Mar Black Bamboo Garden Screens in Keukenhof
Stéphane Schröder 0 3730
Keukenhof is an international and independent showcase for the Dutch floricultural sector in Lisse, the Netherlands and attracts a lot of visitors every year. In 2103, Bamboo Import, in collaboratio..
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