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Lara 14 Oct 2021 0 149
The insects are struggling. In essence: a silent disaster is happening! Since the ‘70s over 70% have decreased. Urbanization is taking away viable living spaces for the insects. There are different in..
Lara 04 Oct 2021 0 172
In the new Boost Productions show, we can see how two acrobats build a vertical dreamworld in a circus-like act with 20 bamboo poles. “Boost Producties is known for their beautiful circustheater and ‘..
Lara 22 Sep 2021 0 292
This year, Holland Dahlia Event collaborated with Clusius College Alkmaar to give students in Flower & Design the opportunity to get a spot at the corso. The theme this year was Wedding Fairytale. Tha..
Lara 15 Sep 2021 0 219
In the ABC, Architecture- and Build historical Centrum Haarlem, are different expositions year-round. They all connect to architecture one way or another. Next to the expositions they host lectures, w..
Bamboo Import 07 Sep 2021 0 228
Today its Duurzame Dinsdag, Sustainable Tuesday. A day where we take a moment to see how sustainable we live. Sustainability is essential for taking care of Earth. Forte Daycare organised "Tuin van de..
Lara 31 Aug 2021 0 282
After the successful pop-up in Eindhoven last year, INSIGHT BEACH decided to make the move to STRND in Breda. They transformed the parking lot of STRND to a beach oasis this summer. For the perfect st..
Bamboo Import 24 Aug 2021 0 443
A lot of beachclubs like to use bamboo to transform their experience into a tropical Walhalla. For a moment you’re on Ibiza, Bali, or perhaps Curaçao. Even on the little Dutch beaches you can enjoy a ..
Bamboo Import 10 Aug 2021 0 464
Photo: Julian Maynard SmithThe Antepavillion hosts artsy, experimental projects for an architectural contest each year. The theme of this year: Bartizan. Project Bunny Rabbit shows their creative take..
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