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Reed Blind 100 x 250 cm

Reed Blind 100 x 250 cm
Reed Blind 100 x 250 cm
Reed Blind 100 x 250 cm
Reed Blind 100 x 250 cm
Reed Blind 100 x 250 cm
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  • Packaging: 100 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm

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  Eco-friendly, natural look and affordable
  Tied together with black palm rope
  Mouting brackets included
  Thickness peeled reed ca. 6-8 mm
  Easy to install and maintain
  Suitable for any interior


This reed roller blind of 100 cm wide by 250 cm high is made of peeled freshwater reed and finished with black palm rope. Our reed roller blinds are specially designed to offer more privacy while allowing atmospheric light to pass through.

If it gets too hot inside your house because the sun is shining through your windows, reed blinds offer a great solution to reflect the sun's rays and keep your house cooler. In addition, the natural light brown color of the reed suits just about any interior. Whether you have a sleek modern home, a vintage design with many wooden influences, or a colorful bohemian style interior, reed roll up blinds will always add a beautiful and subtle accent to your home.

Reed is a sturdy and light material, making these blinds easy to operate and very suitable for wider windows. You can also easily customize a reed roller blind yourself by cutting the reed stems with sturdy scissors.

Reed blinds can also be used for outdoor applications, such as sun protection for a canopy, for example, but in this respect they last less long than our robust bamboo blinds. The average lifespan of reed in outdoor applications is approximately 3-5 years, compared to 12 years for bamboo.

All our reed roller blinds are equipped with special mounting brackets so that you can hang them up quickly and easily.


Material information
Material Reed
Origin China
Physical characteristics
Color Natural
Dikte rietstengels 6-8 mm
See through 65%
Dimensions and weight
Width 100 cm
Height 250 cm
Weight 1,5 kg
Assembly Black palm rope
Characteristics Peeled


Installing a reed roller blind is super easy. Use 2 screws or nails to hang the roller blind from the supplied hanging brackets.

Adjusting the size of reed roll up shades

  • A big advantage of reed is that it is an easy material to work with. You can shorten the width of a reed roller blind and make it to size by cutting the reed stems to the desired width with sturdy scissors. Then saw the bamboo slats to the same width at the top and bottom with a fine saw blade to prevent fraying.


  • A reed roll up blind is a natural product, therefore its dimensions can slightly vary. This also applies to its density / see-through percentage.
  • The minimal durability of reed blinds in outdoor use is 3-5 years. To extend its service life use Bamboo Booster which is a natural oil that nourishes and maintains natural fences.


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