Bamboo offers great solutions for retail store design and to create beautiful room partitions and storefront windows. Shops that sell cosmetics, jewelry or clothing often use bamboo sticks and bamboo screens as decoration or as a background for presenting their products.

Green Bamboo Poles in Storefront Window

Rituals is a good example of a cosmetics retail chain store that has opted for bamboo in their storefront windows. For this project we have painted pieces of Chinese Moso bamboo poles. The green bamboo fits perfectly with the presentation and emphasizes the pure and natural properties of the products.

Shop Design with Bamboo Screen

This Swarovski jewelry shop has chosen for a bamboo screen as the background for a presentation of earrings and necklaces. The contrast between natural bamboo and a modern white display is very successful.

Bamboo Panels for Exhibition Stand

Solid bamboo panels have a warm appearance and are ideal for covering walls and floors as seen in this exhibition stand. The large diameter bamboo poles make for a playful decor accent.

Bamboo Room Partition in Storefront

For the storefront windows of clothing retailer Anna van Toor, who specializes in women's fashion, we have made customized bamboo partitions. In this design we used black bamboo rolls with a base from bamboo plywood.

Bamboo Ceiling Covering

Overzee2 in Terschelling used our split bamboo rolls and half round bamboo poles in an original way for ceiling coverings. The store design also features a nice bamboo table with glass tabletop.

Store Design with Bamboo Screens

Aldor Lighting in Castricum recently installed our bamboo screens as room partitions for their storefront window.

Large Green Bamboo Room Divider

The natural green color of bamboo trees in a bamboo forest often triggers the imagination. However, the color of bamboo stems changes to yellow / beige once harvested. To simulate living bamboo we used green painted bamboo poles in a wooden box with white pebbles for this large bamboo room divider.

Black Bamboo Store Decorating Ideas

Bamboo poles make for a very popular decorative accent in modern store design. This barber shop in the Netherlands used Java Black bamboo from Indonesia.

Interested in using bamboo materials for your store interior? Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and professional advice.