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Thick Reed Fence Roll 600 x 200 cm

Thick Reed Fence Roll 600 x 200 cm
Thick Reed Fence Roll 600 x 200 cm
Thick Reed Fence Roll 600 x 200 cm
Thick Reed Fence Roll 600 x 200 cm
Thick Reed Fence Roll 600 x 200 cm
Thick Reed Fence Roll 600 x 200 cm
Thick Reed Fence Roll 600 x 200 cm
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  • Model: RM-D-600/200-C
  • Packaging: 200 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm

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Product Information

  Eco-friendly, natural and affordable
  Tied together with galvanised iron wires
  Reed thickness ca. 6-8 mm
  Easy to install and maintain
  Suitable for many different purposes


This thick reed fence roll of 600 cm wide by 200 cm high is made from high quality fresh water reed. The stems are about 10-12 mm thick and tied together by black plastic coated steel wire that are spaced approximately 10 cm apart. These thick reed mats have little see-through and provide excellent privacy for your garden, balcony or terrace.

Reed fencing is cheap, environmentally friendly and has multiple uses. They can be used as frost protection for outdoor plants (a reed screen protects against 3 degrees of frost), or to grow climbing plants and vines. Reed fencing rolls are used as privacy screens for events or industrial sites but also to decorate old fences or mesh panels.


Material information
Material Reed
Origin China
Physical characteristics
Color Natural
Dikte rietstengels 10-12 mm
See through 80%
Dimensions and weight
Width 600 cm
Height 200 cm
Weight 15 kg
Assembly Black plastic coated steel wire
Characteristics Unpeeled
Treatment and durability
Durability 5 years


We recommend installing a reed fence at least 10 cm from the ground to avoid direct contact with wet soil and to maximize its durability. Rest the fencing roll on a wooden plank while installing the fence for example. 

  1. You can easily secure a reed fencing roll against an existing wall or fence with our special 3.5 x 25 mm fastening screws. Place the screws between the reeds and fasten the screw so that the washer is pressing the reed stems against the wall. Do this every 20 cm or so in horizontal direction and repeat this toward the top, middle and bottom of the fence for maximum stability. 
  2. Installing a reed fence roll against chain link fences or mesh panels is achieved by using galvanized wire ties or tie wraps. Wrap the double loop galvanized wire ties around the steel wire that runs through the reed fencing roll and secure them to the metal fence.  

Adjusting the size of reed fencing rolls

  • A big advantage of reed is that it is easy to work with. You can simply adjust the width of a reed fence roll by cutting the galvanized steel wires at the desired width with pincers. 
  • To adjust the height of a reed fence you can easily cut the stems at the desired height with pruning shears.


  • A reed fence roll is a natural product, therefore its dimensions can slightly vary. This also applies to its density / see-through.
  • The minimal durability of reed fencing (outdoor use) is 3-5 years. To extend its service life use Bamboo Booster which is a natural oil that nourishes and maintains natural fences.


Reviews for Thick Reed Fence Roll 600 x 200 cm

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Jonna 22/06/2021

Leuk maar breekbaar

Het ziet er leuk uit maat let wel op dat de rietmatten erg kwetsbaar zijn. Ik had achteraf toch liever een gespleten bamboemat gekocht ongeveer dezelfde prijs maat minder kwetsbaar als riet.

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Joke Looyenga 11/07/2020

Rietschermen extra dik

Vandaag de rietschermen tegen de lelijke schuttingen geplaatst. De rietstengels zitten mooi dicht tegen elkaar aan. Uitstekende kwaliteit en prima service.

Helpful (19) Not helpful (0)

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