Tonkin Fence Roll 300 x 150 cm

Out of Stock Tonkin Fence Roll 300 x 150 cm

This 300 cm wide by 150 cm high tonkin fence roll will transform your old wooden garden fence or ugly chain link fence into a beautiful natural landscape feature in no time.

The bamboo sticks in these tonkin fencing rolls have a diameter of 7-8 mm and are connected with galvanized metal wires. Tonkin fences are ideal for growing climbing plants or as roof covers for creating shade.


Bamboo species: Pseudosasa amabilis
Common name: Tonkin
Color: Natural / Cream white
Width: 300 cm
Height: 150 cm
Diameter sticks: 7-8 mm
See through: Yes
Assembly: Galvanized steel wire
Durability: 8 years
Weight: 10 kg
Origin: China


Adjusting the size of a tonkin fence roll

  • A big advantage of bamboo is that it is easy to work with. You can simply adjust the width of a tonkin fence roll by cutting the galvanized steel wires at the desired width.
  • To adjust the height of the fence you can trim the bamboo sticks with a fine teeth saw blade. 

Installing tonkin fencing rolls

Try to leave a minimal 2 cm space between a bamboo fence and the ground to avoid direct contact with wet soil as this might cause black stains over time. You could rest the fencing roll on a wooden plank while installing to fence.

  1. Secure the galvanized wires with nails to install a tonkin fence roll against an existing wall or wooden fence. Do not fasten the bamboo sticks with nails as this will cause splitting.
  2. Installing a bamboo fence roll against a chain link fence is achieved by using tie wraps or wire ties. Wrap the wire ties around the galvanized steel wire that runs through the bamboo poles and tighten them to the metal fence. 

General properties of bamboo and maintenance tips

  • Each tonkin stick is unique, therefore color differences in a fence roll are possible.
  • The diameter of each cane in a tonkin fence roll may vary slightly.
  • Vertical cracks can occur in tonkin canes. Just like wood, bamboo expands or shrinks when temperature or humidity conditions change. Cracks, however, have no effect on the structural integrity of a bamboo fence.
  • Bamboo used in outdoor conditions will weather over time. We advice to treat bamboo fencing on an annual basis with Bamboo Protector, a specially developed UV-resistant transparent sealer that preserves the natural color of bamboo.
Product Information
Finish Stalks tied together with galvanized iron wire.
Weight 10 kg
Color Natural
Durability 8 years
Material Bamboo
Common name Tonkin
Scientific Name Pseudosasa amabilis
Country of origin China
Width 300 cm
Height 150 cm
Diameter poles 7-8 mm
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Bamboo Booster Oil

  Beautiful natural color - untreated
  Galvanized external steel wire
  Easy to shorten both in height and in width
  Easy to install and maintain
  Comes with a convenient carrying bag with handles

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