Warranties and Repairs

Report a Complaint

If you have a complaint about one of our products then you can easily report this to us through the attached form. That way you'll know almost immediately where you stand. We ask you to fill in a few details and to upload the purchase receipt and pictures of the product. You can find your purchase receipt in My Account under "Overview". 

Once we received and evaluated your complaint we'll reply within one business day to try and solve the issue as quickly as possible.

File a Complaint


Incomplete or damaged products

Did you receive incomplete or damaged products? Let us know within 14 days. Report your complaint by email and state your order and client number. We'll get back to you within 1 business day. Of course you can also reach us by phone.


Warranty conditions

  1. Bamboo Import Europe BV guarantees that their products and / or services meet the contract specifications at the reasonable requirements of reliability and / or usability and on the date of the conclusion of the agreement including existing legal provisions and / or government regulations. If agreed, Bamboo Import Europe BV also ensure that the product is suitable for other than normal use.
  2. An additional warranty provided by a Bamboo Import Europe BV supplier, manufacturer or importer never restricts the legal rights and claims that consumers chave under the agreement in front of Bamboo Import Europe BV if Bamboo Import Europe BV has failed to fulfill its part of the agreement.
  3. Under additional warranty is understood that any engagement of Bamboo Import Europe BV, its supplier, importer or producer grants certain rights or claims to the consumer that are beyond required by law in the event he has failed to fulfill its part of the agreement.
  4. Outside the warranty are defects in products which are caused by normal wear and tear, or damage arising out of circumstances beyond the vendors control, including weather conditions or damage during transport or installation by or on behalf of the customer.
  5. Bamboo is a natural product. Therefore, there are a number of natural properties which fall outside the warranty:
    1. Vertical cracks can / will occur in bamboo poles and are not covered by our warranty. Bamboo, just as wood, expands or contracts when there are changes in temperature or humidity. Cracks, however, have no effect on the structural integrity of the bamboo.
    2. Discoloration of bamboo due to sunlight, moisture, fungi or mold are commonly associated with outdoor organic products such as bamboo and are not covered by our warranty.
    3. The real dimensions of a product can be different than the stated dimensions due bamboo's physical properties.
    4. Corrosion or rust on or around a galvanized steel wiring system is not covered by our warranty.
  6. Any kind of warranty will lapse if the item is wrongly or carelessly used.
  7. Bamboo Import Europe BV provides a 5 year limited residential warranty on all bamboo fencing products. The warranty only applies to manufacturing defects or improper workmanship. In order for a defect to be considered material and thus covered by the warranty, the defect must noticeably be present on at least 20% of the fence panels or fencing rolls.


Repair costs

Within warranty

All costs for exchanging or repairing products (including shipping) are on behalf of Bamboo Import Europe BV if a complaint is justified and within the warranty period.

If after assessing, a complaint proves to be unfounded, Bamboo Import will send a quote for the repair. If you choose not to have it repaired, then research costs might be charged up to 75 euros.

Outside warranty

For repairs or exchanges outside the warranty, it is sometimes reasonable to pay (part of) the costs yourself. If there are costs associated with resolving your complaint, we will inform you in advance.


Lowest price guarantee

It is our goal to be the number one bamboo supplier for DIY and professional customers in Europe. Therefore, we offer a complete range of products and expert advice for small or large projects alike at the most competitive prices in the market.

We want to offer our customers the confidence and ability to quickly and easily buy all their bamboo products in one place, without having to compare prices. If you find an identical product that is lower prices at the competition than we will offer the same price + a 10% discount finders fee!

In order to obtain the lowest price you have to prove the competitor prices. This can be demonstrated by a printscreen of the website, brochure or flyer.

Our lowest price guarantee is based on the following principles:

  1. Our lowest price guarantee also applies to rebates and discounts from competitors.
    If competitors advertise with special promotional prices or discounts, and our prices prove higher, than our lowest price guarantuee applies as well.
  2. Our lowest price guarantee applies to prices of competitors.
    The guarantee applies to prices from competitors who run their store or website in a European country, based on the same European merchant laws and applicable taxes. Such companies must be legally registered with a physical store and office that has valid contact information. Our guarantuee does not apply to prices from independent dealers, foreign suppliers or individuals who sell a product once.
  3. Our lowest price guarantee applies to identical products.
    Identical means that the product, product specification, packaging and bamboo species are identical.
  4. Our lowest price guarantee applies to prices that are or were valid at the same time.
    When prices of Bamboo Import Europe BV are compared with that of a competitor, both prices must be (or have been) valid at the same time. The price from the competitor must have been valid for at least 1 day.
  5. Our lowest price guarantee is valid until 14 days after the purchase.

    A lowest price guarantuee can be claimed up to 14 days after the prurchase.
  6. Our lowest price guarantee does not apply to custom orders.

    Bamboo Import Europe BV offers more than 250 different standard products with lowest price guarantee. The guarantee does not apply to custom products which were especially produced or modified for a customer.
  7. Our lowest price guarantee does not apply to our services.

    Bamboo Import Europe BV provides reliable and professional services for special bamboo projects. Comparing the quality of a service is impossible, therefore, lowest price guarantees only apply to our standard products and not our services.
  8. Our lowest price guarantee does not apply clearance sales.

    Reduced prices in the context of clearance sales, seasonal clearance sales or clearance sales of individual products are invalid to compare against our fixed lowest prices.
  9. Our lowest price guarantee does not apply for auctions.
    Prices from online auction websites cannot be compared with our fixed lowest prices that are valid for all customers.
  10. Our lowest price guarantee does not apply for prices that only apply to resellers.

    Our lowest price guarantee applies to prices given by competitor to all customers. In addition, the price should be at least valid for one day. Prices that only apply to certain customers or resellers do not apply. Individual offers are therefore no basis for our lowest price guarantee.

* All prices incl. VAT and excl. shipping.