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Warranty and Repairs

Bamboo Import Europe BV grants limited warranty on part of its product range. Go to a specific product page to find more information. The limited warranty applies exclusively to manufacturing defects or improper workmanship. To be considered as a defect and therefore covered by the warranty, the defect must be noticeably present on at least 20% of the product.

Bamboo is a natural product. That is why there are a number of natural features that are not covered by the warranty:

  1. Vertical cracks can / will occur in bamboo poles, bamboo fence rolls and bamboo fences panels. Cracks are not covered by the warranty. Just like wood, bamboo will expand and shrink when changes in temperature or humidity occur. However, cracks have no effect on the structural integrity of the bamboo product.
  2. Discolouration of bamboo products due to sun, moisture or fungi are not covered by the warranty. This is associated with organic products such as bamboo.
  3. Due to the use of natural materials, the dimensions of na product may deviate from the specified product specifications.
  4. Rust or corrosion on or around galvanised steel wire is not covered by our warranty.
  5. The warranty does not cover defects in the items that have arisen as a result of normal wear and tear, or damage that is the result of circumstances beyond the control of Bamboo Import, such as weather conditions or damage caused during transport or installation by or on behalf of the customer.
  6. Any form of guarantee will lapse if the item has been used incorrectly or carelessly.

You can report a product complaint via our website. We ask you to enter a number of details and to state your order number. Based on the details you have entered, you will receive a proposed solution from us within 3 business days.