The winners of our winter 2018 bamboo photo contest are in! Congratulations to Jeffrey Hottinga, Joke Schoneveld and Ayse Akata​ for their beautiful pictures and end results.

1st Place

bamboo fencing in frame

The photo from Jeffrey Hottinga received the most likes on our Facebook page and wins a Bamboo Import €100 gift card! Jeffrey utilized our bamboo fencing rolls to cover a metal wire fence. Installing the bamboo rolls took 1 hour and 15 min.


2nd Place

black bamboo garden fence

The 2nd price and €50 gift card goes to Joke Schoneveld for a photo of her beautiful black bamboo garden fence. After a year in the garden some weathering occurred, a treatment with black bamboo renovator made the bamboo fence look like new again!


3rd Place

half round bamboo wall cover

Ayse Akata​ wins a €25 the gift card for this photo of a half round black bamboo screen wall cover.


Did you also create a wonderful bamboo project with one of our products? Don't hesitate to submit your best photos and get a chance to win a €100 Bamboo Import gift card!

Want to participate? Submit your pictures by using this form.