The winners of our summer 2018 bamboo photo contest are in! Congratulations to Koko Schut, Bart Pijper and Karin Smolenaers for their beautiful pictures and end results.

1st Place

bamboo pergola and tiki bar

The photo from Koko Schut received the most likes on our Facebook page and wins a Bamboo Import €100 gift card!

Koko: "This was the first time we worked with bamboo. It's great because the material is very easy to work with. We have always had the desire to build a tropical tiki bar in our garden and this year we finally did it. The photo gives an impression of the garden with bamboo pergola and tiki bar."


2nd Place

bamboo water slide

The 2nd price and €50 gift card goes to Bart Pijper for a photo of an original bamboo water slide.

Bart: "During IVN Hoogeveen ditch day, we, together with the children, made a beautiful dozen meter long bamboo water slide with half round bamboo poles and thin bamboo sticks."


3rd Place

bamboo garden fence

Karin Smolenaers​ wins a €25 the gift card for this photo of her backyard.

Karin: "We have recently upgraded our garden and are very happy with the result! We have mounted split bamboo fencing rolls against an existing fence on the longest side, and we have customized the bamboo fencing in the other two sections so that they follow the arch shape. We are now enjoying a summery feeling in our garden!"


Did you also create a wonderful bamboo project with one of our products? Don't hesitate to submit your best photos and get a chance to win a €100 Bamboo Import gift card!

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