The winners of our autumn 2016 bamboo photo contest are in! Congratulations to Sandra van der Linde, Jacco Bruurs and Kris Le Bruyn for the beautiful pictures and the end result.

1st Place

Black Bamboo Fence Rolls

The photo from Sandra van der Linde received the most likes on our Facebook page and wins a Bamboo Import €100 gift card! Sandra utilized our black Deluxe bamboo fence rolls to create unique bamboo screens on a roof terrace.


2nd Place

Half Round Giant Black Bamboo Fence Screen

The 2nd prize and €50 gift card goes to Jacco Bruurs who attached our half round giant black bamboo fence screens to en existing wooden fence in the garden.


3rd Place

Tall Bamboo Planters on Wheels

Kris Le Bruyn wins a €25 the gift card for his submission of custom made bamboo planters on wheels. The tall bamboo planters serve as a divider between a garden gazebo and the terrace.


Did you also make a great bamboo project with one of our products? Don't hesitate to submit your best photos and get a chance to win a €100 Bamboo Import gift card!

Want to participate? Submit your pictures by using this form.