The winners of our Winter 2020 Photocontest are in! Congrats to N OudewaterL van Dijk and Manon Bangma for these beautiful pictures.

1st Place

This picture of the jungleroom of N Oudewater got the most likes on our facebook pagina and therefor wins the 1st prize of €100

N Oudewater: "For my son we made a jungleroom with nice bamboo as decoration.

2nd Place

The second place of €50 goes to L van Dijk for this beautiful picture of his bamboo fencing.

van Dijk: "Last week it was -12 and now +18! How nice when you can enjoy a beautiful garden with a beautiful bamboo fence." 

3rd Place

Manon Bangma wins the gift card of €25 with her play house with the palm tatched roof.

Manon: "We recently bought some bamboo and palm roofing at your shop and I wanted to show what we had made!  The house is thanks to the roof and bamboo poles truly finished!"

Did you also create a wonderful bamboo project with one of our products? Don't hesitate to submit your best photos and get a chance to win a €100 Bamboo Import gift card!

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