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About Bamboo Import Europe

What we do

Bamboo Import is specialised in producing, importing and selling bamboo products worldwide. We buy our bamboo directly from the source, store it in our warehouses, and sell directly to the customer without the need for middle men. This unique approach allows us to guarantee the best quality at the lowest prices.

The strategy does not only benefit our clients at home, it also improves the livelihoods of bamboo stakeholders abroad. Farmers and artisans are paid above market prices since the fees that would otherwise be paid to agents or brokers are now flowing back directly to the bamboo suppliers.


The company Bamboo Import Europe BV was founded by Pim van der Eng and Sandra Bonne in 2016.

Pim and Sandra already started Bamboe Bouw Nederland from their garage in 2008 and grew it into the largest bamboo retailer of the BENELUX. Although bamboo wasn't a well known fencing or construction material in the Netherlands, the couple managed to land prestigious projects that would demonstrate the amazing properties of bamboo to a large public.

Stephane Schröder was a supplier to Bamboe Bouw Nederland since 2012 and the owner of  Guadua Bamboo in Colombia. Together they found out they shared the same passion and devotion and after a few succesful projects Stephane came to the Netherlands. From that moment on the cooperation became more and more intertwined. That is how Bamboo Import Europe BV came to be. 

The path to success however wasn't easy. Unreliable suppliers, poor quality batches and production delays had significant impact in the early years. They overcame their initial set backs, gathered a lot of experience and found reliable suppliers that would grow the business to a higher level.

Stephane went back to Colombia on the 31st of December 2020. He is now back at Guadua Bamboo and a trusted supplier for Bamboo Import Europe. Living back with his family and being at the source of the bamboo to create more bamboo plantations. This ensures that we get the best quality bamboo. Our close relations to the source makes us distinctive in the European market for quality bamboo. 



Ever since the beginning we realised the importance of controlling our own production in order to guarantee the best quality bamboo products for our customers.

We established exclusive and long term partnerships with selected suppliers in China, Indonesia and South America where we can monitor everything from harvest to processing and local working conditions.

Because of our presence at the source we are aware of the latest developments and are also capable to make immediate adjustments if required.

Another very important advantage is that we can eliminate all middle men, which allows us to import and distribute bamboo at the most competitive prices.


From the roughly 1575 different bamboo species that exist in the world, we have currently selected 10 priority species that are best suited for decorative or constructive applications. One bamboo species in particular, Guadua angustifolia from South America, is especially of interest as it is considered the world's strongest bamboo.

All our bamboo poles are carefully selected according to the following standards:

  • Origin of the bamboo
  • Sustainable harvesting practices
  • Age and maturity of the bamboo
  • Applied preservation and treatment methods
  • Drying time and moisture content
  • Straightness and thickness of the bamboo poles
  • Absence of defects such as cracks or perforations

Top quality at the most affordable prices is always our #1 priority when developing new and innovative bamboo products for the international market. We listen very carefully to the needs and feedback of our clients in order to come up with the best solutions.


As a socially responsible company we invest heavily in building new and better infrastructure for the treatment and storage of our environmentally friendly bamboo products in Indonesia and South America.

Our investments mainly affect remote rural areas and its population since we buy all our bamboo directly from local farmers. It is very important that farmers receive a fair price for their annual bamboo crop (only mature poles are cut) to ensure the conservation of bamboo forests.

With this strategy, locals are now showing great interest to plant bamboo or to properly maintain existing bamboo clumps on their land. This is a 180 degree turnaround as bamboo is traditionally seen as a crop with low financial value that needed to be removed in order to provide pasture for cattle (one of the main causes of the global deforestation problem).

It gives us great satisfaction that we can improve the living conditions of local people and at the same time provide a positive impact on the environment. As a customer you directly contribute to these positive developments.


Bamboo Import Europe is located in the Netherlands. You are most welcome to visit us and buy bamboo directly from our warehouse. With an inventory of 3000 m2 we usually have all products immediately available.

If you need advice about our bamboo products or have questions about a special project or bamboo in general, than please don't hesitate to visit or contact us.